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James Krellenstein on Gay Male 2nd Wave AIDS Epidemic

ACT UP/NY member James Krellenstein was interviewed on Out-FM on WBAI about the emerging HIV/AIDS epidemic amoung young men who have sex with men (MSM), a category including gay and bisexual men and non-gay identified men. (Infections among Transwomen are discussed). This epidemic has been referred to as AIDS 2.0 because half of today's 20-30 year-old men will by HIV positive by age 50 at 2006 rates, however the infection rate has spiked in this group since then. Among black 20-30 year-old men who have sex with men, 50% will be infected by age 35. Krellenstein discusses pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PREP, and post exposure prophylaxis, or PEP to cut the infection rate.

Click here to listen or right-click to download and save this 24 min segment (mp3).

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together in the ACT UP/QUEEROCRACY/Health Gap contingent.