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One Day and Counting to ACT UP & Occupy /Tax Wall St. / End AIDS Demo


Dear ACT UP members and supporters,

Today at 11am is ACT UP’s 25th Anniversary Action

Please help in the following ways:
  1. Assemble  at  11am Wed., April 25th starting at City Hall at the corner of Murray and Broadway.  Let your facebook friends know your are going to the demonstration with this link: . If you are going to be late, check our location with Twitter: @actupny | #taxwallst | #endaids
  2. Widely forward the e-mail at the bottom of this e-mail to your friends and contacts.
  3. If you are concerned about accidental arrest, fill out the support sheet attached. We don't expect the march will result in arrests but police are unpredictable.
Please cut and paste the following e-mail to your friends with demonstration logistics and reasons for attending into your e-mail program:


Click HERE to read more and find e-mail text

JOIN ACT UP's 25th Anniversary Direct Action


Wed., April 25, 2012
At 11am

Massive demonstration and march.
Starts at City Hall (Broadway and Murray Street)
Ends at Wall Street
(An American Sign Language Interpreter will be provided at the Wed. 11am Rally.)

ACT UP is calling for a small tax (0.05%) on Wall Street transactions and speculative trades in order to raise the money needed to end the global AIDS epidemic and provide universal healthcare in the US.

More info:
212-966-4873 | | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Facebook ACT UP NY Page  |

Twitter: @actupny | #taxwallst | #endaids

How can a Financial Speculation Tax help end AIDS?

- THE SCIENCE: The scientific community and AIDS activists agree: we now know how to break the back of the epidemic.  New evidence shows early HIV treatment can reduce sexual transmission of the virus by 96%.
-    THE REALITY: HIV treatment is needed to save lives, prevent illness, and reduce new infections, but there is a huge TREATMENT GAP and WAITING LISTS are growing in the U.S. and abroad.
-IN THE U.S.: 3,840 people who qualify for federal ADAP assistance to pay for HIV treatment are still on waiting lists. In addition, people with HIV and vulnerable communities in the U.S. need support and social services. Due to budget cuts, these essential services have been rolled back. Funding from the tax could also help pay for universal healthcare in the U.S.
- WORLDWIDE: Only 44% of people who need HIV treatment have access – more than 8 million do not. Revenue from the FST could bail out the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria, which cancelled its last round of grants to poor countries due to a lack of resources. Funding the Fund can help to make good on the global agreement – signed by the U.S. – to treat 15 million people by 2015, up from 6.6 million now. It will take around $22 billion a year between now and 2015 to finance the global HIV fight to save millions of lives and stop the HIV epidemic in its tracks.
-    WHAT'S AT STAKE: AIDS has already claimed over 30 million lives. ACT UP is calling for an FST to help raise the money needed to close the gap in access to life-saving HIV treatment, and to END THE AIDS CRISIS.

The FST demonstration is linked to a global Robin Hood Tax campaign to fund
global health, global public goods, jobs, and to tackle climate change.


Click HERE for full fact sheet

Click HERE for Spanish Translation

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details or call us at 212-966-4873.

Activists from ACT UP/Philadelphia, ACT UP/ Boston, ACT UP/Maryland and

ACT UP/Rhode Island all hope to come to the April 25th Demonstration, but to bring them, we need your help. Help us rebuild the ACT UP network.

If you can't come, please donate, send donations (not tax deductable) via check to:

ACT UP/New York
332 Bleecker St, Suite PMB5
New York, NY 10014

Or use
Paypal at our archival site.

If you want a quick briefing of the city issues, national and international issues, tune into WBAI, 99.5FM at 11pm Monday April 23 or streaming at for John Riley of ACT UP and Jaron Benjamin of Vocal (formerly NYC AIDS Housing Network) talk about the Robinhood Tax and attacks on HIV/AIDS Services in New York by Commissioner Doar and Mayor Bloomberg. Archived at by day and hour of show.