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Media Coverage of ACT UP 25th Anniversary Action

Links to some media from today's ACT UP-Occupy action demanding a Robin Hood Tax to end AIDS.

AP Photos

Photos from various sources

Coverage on WBAI Radio's Occupy Wall Street radio show with ACT UP's George Carter - for audio archive, click here.

WALL STREET JOURNAL/AP: Chained AIDS protesters arrested in Wall St. area

NEW YORK — Longtime AIDS activists who have been chanting in the streets for a quarter century joined with supporters of the much newer Occupy Wall Street movement Wednesday in a rally and march through lower Manhattan to call for better health services.

New York Stock Exchange workers jeered from the sidewalk as handcuffed protesters wearing Robin Hood costumes were loaded into police vans after chaining themselves together and blocking traffic in the area around Wall Street. Police used chain cutters to remove them.

Protesters said they were marking the 25th anniversary of the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power — the organization known as ACT UP — which was founded in March 1987 when the group marched on Wall Street to protest the high cost and low availability of HIV medications.

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NY DAILY NEWS: AIDS activists demanding tax to fund health care stretch chain across Broadway at Wall St.
Cops bust 9, use bolt cutters to clear roadway

By Joe Kemp AND Corky Siemaszko / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS
Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 11:38 AM

Nine AIDS activists were arrested Wednesday after they stretched a chain across Broadway at Wall St. and forced traffic to a halt. The ACT-UP demonstrators managed to hook the chain to light posts under the noses of cops patrolling the key intersection. “Hey, you can’t do that,” one officer said as a protester clicked the padlock shut and plopped himself down on Broadway.

Holding up signs that read “Tax Wall St., End Aids,” the chanting demonstrators then refused to move. Minutes later, a police officer arrived with a bolt-cutter and snipped the chain while other cops picked up the protesters and placed them in police vans.

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NY Post: AIDS and Occupy protesters arrested after blocking traffic in lower Manhattan
Last Updated: 12:51 PM, April 25, 2012

Nine ACT UP protestors in Robin Hood costumes were arrested after chaining themselves to a lamppost and disrupting traffic in the Financial District, cops and witnesses said. The activists chanted and waved signs that read "Tax Wall Street” and “End AIDS" after forming a human chain in the crosswalk across the New York Stock Exchange on Broadway and Broad Street. Emergency Service Unit cops used bolt cutters to break open the locks and rounded the protesters up into their vans at 9:50 a.m.

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Housing Works AIDS Issues Update Blog:

Ten AIDS Activists Kicked to the Curb And Arrested At ACT UP Anniversary

Posted by Kenyon Farrow , April 25, 2012

Ten AIDS Activists Kicked to the Curb And Arrested At ACT UP Anniversary

Activist Jessica Rechtschaffer being arrested at our civil disobedience for ACT-UP’s 25th. Photos courtesy of Scott Korn

(for photos from today’s action visit our Flickr page)

Ten AIDS activists were arrested near City Hall today for demonstrating how Mayor Bloomberg and HRA Commissioner Robert Doar’s AIDS policies are kicking people with AIDS “to the curb.”

Housing Works activists set up a house, complete with couch, bed, sink and toilet on on Broadway across from City Hall to show the world exactly what recent HASA policies are doing to people with AIDS: creating more homelessness. NYPD came swiftly running, trashed the installation, and arrested the protesters. The demonstration was a part of the 25th Anniversary march and rally to commemorate AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT-UP), which forced NYC and the nation to respond to the needs of people with AIDS in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Arrests as ACT UP Occupies Wall Street to end AIDS

Tax Wall Street and End AIDS , Watch Video
By Melanie Nathan

NEW YORK — With the The U.S.A. gearing up to host the World AIDS Conference in July 2012 in D.C. and in an action reminiscent of the 80?s,  ACT-UP  protests are back with a poignant  combat AIDS message,  in association with the Occupy Movement.

Protesters wearing Robin Hood costumes  chained themselves together blocked traffic in the Wall Street area in New York City Monday, demanding taxation to eradicate AIDS.

The protest was loud in true ACT UP fashion. Police  used chain cutters and made several arrests of protestors, some wrestled to the pavement.

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POZ MAGAZINE: Occupy and ACT UP Protesters Converge on Wall Street

Today ACT UP joined the Occupy movement to protest changes to New York City’s AIDS housing policies and to demand a tax to end AIDS, according to an ACT UP statement. Ten activists were arrested after chaining themselves to the entrance of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. In February 2011, the Human Resources Administration announced it would no longer help pay the full brokers’ fees for HIV/AIDS Service Administration (HASA) clients looking for housing and would only issue vouchers (not checks) to pay landlords. And in December, the HRA announced HASA could refuse permanent housing to people who did not pass drug tests and who refused prescribed treatment. Activists are also marching to advocate for a “financial speculation tax,” or FiST, that would involve taxing speculative trading on Wall Street and using those funds for HIV services. The demonstration is part of the 25th anniversary commemoration of AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power (ACT UP).