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Newly Revived ACT UP Chapters

ACT UP/ Boston Marches on Wall St on 25th Anniversary

ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) Boston is a newly revitalized chapter of ACT UP. Their facebook page says, "We plan on ending AIDS in MA and around the world." The group meets weekly. They are planning a teach-in for May 20th on the financial speculation tax campaign. They are also planning for their participation in Boston Pride and are beginning to do tabling to find recruits for this newly reforming chapter. Their first major action since forming was bringing a bus to NYC to join a march on Wall Street demanding a Robin Hood Tax on trades of stocks, bonds, derivatives and currency. This tax is supported by hundreds of economists.


Inspired by the April 25th action, the newly revived chapter has a teach-in planned on June 17th in Boston


ACT UP Boston Plans June 17th Teach-in


Below, ACT UP Boston members.


ACT UP Rhode Island Protests Vice-President Biden


Above, ACT UP/RI and Occupy Providence tell Joe Biden to Support a Wall Street Tax to fund the fight against AIDS! (photo dated Feb 23, 2011)


Below some members of ACT UP/RI at Wall St. Robin Hood Tax Protest.

ACT UP/RI at Wall Street Demonstration


ACT UP RI was re-formed in November 2011 and began by meeting every other week, it now meets monthly.  It brought a contingent of activists to ACT UP/NY's 25th anniversary.