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32 Buses of AIDS Activists on Buses to White House Protest

On the eve of a major march calling for a tiny Robin Hood tax on Wall St. trades, hundreds  gathered to listen to a debate over: Is continued HIV/AIDS funding a good investment even in a resource contrained environment?" between Jeffery Saches with Michael Sidibe(for) vs. Roger England and Mead Over (against).  England and Over argued more lives could be "purchased" on other cheaper diseases, while Saches and Sidibe argued AIDS is a good investment that has brought many health gains in other areas health. Clinics have been built that serve many people other than people with HIV/AIDS. Both Saches and Sidibe reiterated their support for a financial transaction tax to fund global AIDS.

East Coast AIDS activists are prepared to pour into the streets today. Twenty-one buses packed with AIDS activists departed from New York, a dozen from from Philadelphia and even a bus from the newly revived ACT UP/Boston. Meanwhile thousands of AIDS conference attendees and local residence are expected to fill the streets.

The five wings of the march focus on major issue areas that are important to grass roots activists here.

They are: a financial transaction tax for funding AIDS, and contingents focusing on  stigma and criminalization of HIV, pharmaceutical greed, women's issues, and harm reduction and human rights..