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Thousands March for Robin Hood Taxes, Against Free Trade, For Women's Rights, Harm Reduction, & Against Stigma

Front of the Robin Hood Tax Contingent at Bank of America

Nearly 10,000 AIDS activists marched on the White House Demanding full funding for AIDS. One contingent with many participants dressed as Robin Hood tack a manifesto calling for a Financial Transaction Tax on Wall Street trades to fund AIDS, Healthcare, jobs and tackle green house gases, to the doors of Bank of America. The tax, also known as the Robin Hood tax, is a "pin prick tax" very small, but because of many trades, would generate hundreds of billions of dollars annually in the US alone.


Five contingents stressing different aspects of the AIDS crisis converged on the White House. All were united in their demands, but took the opportunity of a multiprong march to highlight the many dimensions of the crisis. Stigma, lack of human rights, failure of the system to maximize harm reduction and pharmaceutical company greed were all a part of one of the largest AIDS specific demonstrations in many years.

Nurses Dressed as Robin Hood Demand a Financial Transaction Tax


AIDS Activists Tie Red Ribbons with Donations to AIDS to White House Fence Calling on Obama to Support Robin Hood Tax