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Protest to Demand Cancer Treatment for Mark Milano & Medicare for All

Join AIDS and Single-payer activists for a demonstration outside of the offices of Bristol Meyers Squibb and Aetna Healthcare on Tuesday, September 29th to demand cancer treatment for AIDS activist Mark Milano. Mark is a person with AIDS who has recurrent anal cancer, his insurance company has refused to pay saying while the drug is not FDA approved for anal cancer. Anal cancer recurrance is rare, so no data exists on Erbitux, the cancer drug Mr. Milano's physician recommends however the drug is approved by the FDA for colo-rectal cancer. Off label prescription of the cancer drugs is common when other options are not available. What Mark believes is that because the drug costs more than $4,000/dose, Aetna won't pay. Aetna has recently had lower profits and publically stated that it wants to raise its profit rate.

Click HERE to listen to an interview with activist Mark Milano and Laurie Wen about his struggle for treatment and the need to replace the current healthcare system with a single-payer system creating a Medicare for All system, which would eliminate private health insurance from the system and cover all  medically necessary treatments.