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17 Arrested at Aetna Healthcare Protesting Death Panels and Demanding Medicare for ALL

On Tuesday September 29, 2009, at about 10:20am dozens of people began a picket outside of the offices of Aetna Healthcare, one of the top 5 health insurance companies in the country. Within minutes a group of activists announced their intention to block business as usual at Aetna which the activists said were the "real death panels". Before the mornings end, 17 people were arrested inside the  New York headquarters for the insurer. Activists demand Aetna immediately cover all doctor approved care for life threating conditions.  Activists also demand that Congress pass and the president sign HR 676, or a similar bill to provide Medicare for All. HR676 would create a non-profit single-payer system like Medicare, only improved and expanded to cover all medically necessary treatment and prevention. Activists announced a campaign to bring civil disobedience coast to coast to demand single-payer.

In addition to the footage of the building blockaid, there are two brief speeches by Healthcare NOW's Katie Robbins and Mark Milano from ACT UP/NY. There is a 10 minute interview with Kevin Zeese, who is a part of the national civil disobedience organizing group. For more information go to