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Repeal the 3 Condom Rule; Call Your State Senator Mon. & Tue.

Repeal the 3 Condom Rule

Condoms are for EVERY DAY, NOT JUST Valentines Day!


(April 25, 2010) An important HIV prevention bill is scheduled for a vote in the New York State Senate Codes Committee this Tuesday. Whether you live in his Bronx district or not, please call moderate Democrat Jeffrey Klein at 518-455-3595 to urge him to support bill S1289, the “No Condoms as Evidence of Prostitution Bill.” Currently, people are afraid to carry more than three condoms because upon arrest, they can be used as evidence of intent to engage in prostitution. This bill would prohibit that practice. We will get this bill out of committee and onto a floor vote if all Democrats in the committee vote yes. Again, call moderate Democrat Jeffrey Klein on Monday at 518-455-3595. Other Democrats to call are Squadron, Sampson, and Huntley. The State Senate Switchboard number is 518-455-2800. Thank you.

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We need your help in passing an important HIV prevention bill in the New York State Senate this Tuesday!

On Valentine's Day two months ago, ACT UP launched a campaign to end the outrageous practice of the NYPD and prosecutors to use condom possession as evidence of intent to engage in prostitution.

Along with our allies, some of whom have been working on this issue for years, we've made a lot of progress in the last two months. The "No Condoms as Evidence of Prostitution" Bill is now scheduled for a vote in the State Senate Codes Committee this Tuesday, April 27, at 10:30 am.

If your State Senator is listed below as a member of the Codes Committee, please call her or him.

If not, please call Jeffrey Klein, a moderate Democrat from the Bronx, even if you're not his constituent. He may be the most important member to pressure for this vote. If you have time to make more than one call, those listed in red below are particularly important.


Moderate Democrat:
Senator Jeffrey Klein 518-455-3595

Senator Eric Schneiderman (Chair) 518-455-2041
Senator Shirley Huntley (518) 455-3531
Senator Sampson (518) 455-2788
Senator Squadron 518-455-2625

Senator DeFrancisco (518) 455-3511              
Senator Golden (518) 455-2730
Senator Volker 518.455.3471           
Senator Flanagan 518-455-2071
Senator Bonacic (518) 455-3181

Senator Lanza (518) 455-3215
Senator Saland 518-455-2411

Bill Sponsors and Supporters:
Senator Duane-Main Sponsor (518) 455-2451
Senator Breslin (518) 455-2225
Senator Perkins 518-455-2441
Senator Parker (518) 455-2580

TALKING POINTS from our ally, The Sex Workers Project of The Urban Justice Center

If the staff-member is completely unaware of the bill, explain that the bill will prevent the use of condoms as evidence of prostitution in criminal and civil court.

The bill promotes public health by making sure everyone can carry condoms without worrying it could lead to arrest or conviction.
Condoms are regularly confiscated by police, leading to higher risk for pregnancy, HIV, and STD’s among vulnerable populations. Sex workers fear arrest if they carry over a certain number of condoms.
This impacts public health initiatives promoting condom use and distributing condoms to at-risk populations.
This bill has a broad list of supporters, including the Center for Constitutional Rights, the Anti-Violence Project, NYCLU, the LGBT Center, and many other harm reduction and public health organizations.

Tell your representative why this matters to you or your organization/community.
End by asking the Senator to vote YES on Bill S1289 in the Codes Committee

Bill Summary and Details:

A Ms. Magazine article on the issue: