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Helping members of the Joomla! community connect with each other and share their stories. We would love to publish yours!
  1. Cinco mil aficionados por Tecnologia invadiram a Arena Campus Party em sua primeira edição em Brasília. O evento ocorreu de 14 a 16 de junho de 2017 e, como não poderia deixar de ser, a comunidade Joomla! marcou presença por lá.
  2. One of the cool things at Joomla conferences like the Joomla & Beyond conference are the ‘Make it Happen’ sessions. These are a great way to get people at the conference involved in the contribution process. As we do every year, Joomla Marketing did its own Make it Happen. Here’s a quick look at the what happened !
  3. JoomlaDay Australia 2017 was held in Sydney on 17 and 18 June 2017. This was our first JoomlaDay "Australia" (rather than Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, etc), and was organised via a joint committee comprising Joomlers from most states in Australia, in an effort to bring the Australian Joomla! User community a little closer together.
  4. Long time ago the people of Krakow, Poland had to confront a dragon that was disturbing them. Today, we are faced with different kind of Dragons, in our work, community, family and friendship circles, sometimes we live with them and sometimes we fight them. When it becomes difficult for us to servive with them, we use every method and ways of getting them our of our lives, so that we may be productive again and enjoy life.
  5. Getting the word out by visiting with some younger potential users at the Manatee Technical College’s DaVinci’s Faire  
  6. The 2017 Community Leadership Summit held in Austin, Texas was both inspiring for and inspired by Joomla's new Leadership Team. Joomla is not alone when it comes to challenges of a community of contributors, but as the largest all-volunteer-managed project; fortunately, we are getting many things right. Four of Joomla's leaders both learned and shared new tricks at CLS17.
  7. During the JoomlaDay Marseille on 12 and 13 May 2017, 11 participants tried to obtain their Joomla 3.x Administrator certification. The participants were all french-speaking people.
  8. Since its debut, Joomla! provides a date input field including a selector. It allows you to navigate easily in a calendar month by month and simply click on the desired date to get an entry in the right format. It's handy!  
  9. Depuis ses tout débuts, Joomla! propose un champ de saisie de date incluant un sélecteur. Celui-ci permet de naviguer facilement dans un calendrier, mois par mois et de simplement cliquer sur la date souhaitée pour obtenir une saisie au bon format. C'est bien pratique !  
  10. Durant le JoomlaDay Marseille des 12 et 13 mai 2017, 11 participants ont tenté d’obtenir leur certification Administrateur Joomla 3.x. Les participants étaient tous francophones.
  11. Welcome to the JUG Round Up! The JUG Team is thrilled to have added the Rules and FAQs and Terms of Service for Joomla! User Groups into Joomla! Documentation. Eric Lamy has translated them into French and Bruce Valle has translated them into Spanish (THANK YOU ERIC & BRUCE!). The goal of the JUG Team is to have these translated into as many languages as possible to help new Joomla! User Groups that are forming understand the rules and what needs to be done. This will save time in processing and approvals. If you can help translate the two documents, please just go to and register and start translating. If you have questions, let us know at
  12. The Joomla Community Magazine (JCM) cannot exist without Joomla community members freely sharing their knowledge and time.
  13. The first of many virtual events reminds Joomla! newbies and professionals that keeping their Joomla! website updated is not an option it's a responsibility.
  14. in March 2015 the Joomla! Project announced its partnership with Glip, a business messaging app with built-in productivity tools. This partnership has enabled Joomla to streamline communication among its many teams and volunteers while providing a unified approach to tracking tasks, files and events. Over the last month, the JCM Public Room was created to facilitate the discussion and exchange of ideas between the JCM Team and anyone who is interested in contributing to the magazine.
  15. These days it seems that in social networks, only negative comments are published. If a new initiative is launched, there are negative critics about why it is done and why it was not done otherwise. Also, there are those who aim to point out what is missing to complete it and that without it is useless. If you decide not to implement an idea, critics can only say that it was a bad idea. These comments are created without thinking, the product of elaborating a critic in 5 minutes, and dumped forever in social media. Without considering the time and effort of the volunteers, who in their precious free time, collaborate with the project.
  16. Introtext is a very important element for blogs as they give us the first impression of a post. In most cases introtext is composed by the first one or two paragraphs of the main article.
  17. Joomla’s first Super Sprint was held at CitizenM Bankside in London last weekend from the 21st to 23rd of January 2017 We had attendees from 15 countries (Bratislava, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain, St Maarten, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and USA), and a total of 37 attendees with 6 teams officially represented.
  18. В конце 2014 года владелец и Мерав Нафо любезно согласилась побеседовать с журналом "Joomla! Community Magazine" о главных для ее команды моментах в 2014 году, но ввиду непредвиденных организационных проблем это интервью публикуется только сейчас. Читайте в нем о том, как она стала новым "шерифом" в "городке" JomSocial, который она приобрела в 2012 году; о том, как она и ее команда стремятся вызвать у своих покупателей "Ого!"; о ее любимом блюде "Суши" и о том, как сегодняшний выпускник должен подходить к осуществлению своей мечты создать свой собственный бизнес по веб-разработкам.
  19. The second annual JoomlaDay Florida takes place on February 25th and 26th 2017 in Tampa, FL.  While winter dominates the rest of the United States, Florida is the perfect location to hold a JoomlaDay during the winter months.
  20. Pour commencer l'année 2017, nous revenons sur les statistiques de l'année 2016 du Joomla! Community Magazine (JCM). Il s'agit de la première partie de cette rétrospective.